Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken [Jan-2022] Special Offers For One Week!

Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken

For one week, Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken is adding chicken wings to the menu and you can get them nationwide. Today is the big day for the company’s new menu item. Last month brought the announcement of several new menu items, but a lot of people’s eyes were drawn to the new wings. Alongside the chicken will be some sort of queso dipping sauce, so cheese lovers have something to celebrate right there.

Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken

There is one catch, you have to order your wings after 2 pm according to Taco Bell. It stands to reason that there will be some lines and the workers will need some time to meet the increased demand. Also curious is the timing as there was a pronounced chicken wing shortage in the tail end of 2021. Restaurants around the country suffered as the supply chain was understandably a little worse for wear with the pandemic still going strong outside. However, the company must not be too worried about that possibility if they’re making this push so early in the new year. Check out what a spokesperson had to say down below.

“This special offer features five, bone-in Crispy Chicken Wings, coated in flavorful Mexican Queso seasoning, crisped to perfection and served along with our signature spicy ranch dipping sauce,” a Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken representative wrote in a statement. “Wings are the latest creation from the test kitchen masterminds.”

When some of the menu changes got announced in the fall of 2020, a lot of regular customers were sad about the news of the Mexican Pizza going away. On their website, Taco Bell tried to explain their maneuvering and how it will affect the menu going forward.

“We’re constantly evaluating ways to provide a more efficient restaurant experience, and have already begun to see progress from streamlining our menu,” Mike Grams, Taco Bell President, Global COO said. “While we know fans may be understandably sad to see some of their favorites go, this evolution of our menu truly paves the way for fresh new ideas. The creativity and innovation in our kitchen hasn’t slowed down at all, and we look forward to rolling out new fan favorites.”

“One silver lining of saying goodbye to the Mexican Pizza that might help you rest easy is that removing it from our menus helps us work towards our commitment to leave a lighter footprint on our planet,” Taco Bell mentioned in their statement. “Currently, Mexican Pizza packaging accounts for over 7 million pounds of paperboard material per year in the U.S.”

“For vegetarians who might have customized the Mexican Pizza as part of their go-to order, remember Taco Bell is still vegetarian-friendly.** Our menu remains highly customizable, and we encourage anyone looking for a vegetarian alternative to swap out any meat for our original plant-based proteins – black and pinto beans,” they added. “And who knows, you may see additional plant-based alternatives at Taco Bell in the near future.”

Will you be going to get some wings from Taco Bell? Let us know down in the comments!

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Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken

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