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Tinyurl RU Scam {June} Know More Details On The Topic!

Tinyurl RU Scam scam:

Several sites have been launched under the name TinyURL, followed by a number. Tinyurl is used to shorten long URLs, making it difficult to process. Long URLs are also a bit difficult to include in messages and hyperlinks. Therefore, TinyURL services are very useful in reducing the amount of URLs included in messages. is like a scam.

The fraudsters used the website’s original URLs, the TinyURL mask. The masked link instructed users to complete short questionnaires and complete mini-tasks to receive prizes. However, it turned out to be Tinyurl RU scams.

In addition, some messages have been spread on social media, including Facebook, Whatsapp, and more. 5,000 spears, 10,000 free gifts a day for women, 5,000 Cadbury chocolates and more. resources: achieved an average of 50% confidence, 100% business rating and 1% questionable site count. However, has a poor Alexa rating of 12,028,568. uses a less secure HTTP protocol. Your IP has an SSL certificate for the next 302 days. However, your SSL certificate is not trusted in all browsers. was registered on October 16, 2019. Details of his country of birth and owner are unknown.

How Does Tinyurl RU Scam Malware Links Work?

Some of the messages found by fraudsters include TinyURL masked malware links, which have been found on several devices including Firefox, IExplorer, Chrome, and more.

Malicious software is installed on the user’s device with different program names. In addition, it has changed the address of the ‘.exe’ files of Internet browsers, making it difficult to run.

Malware protection:

The address of the ‘.exe’ file needs to be restored to enable multiple Internet browsers,
We need to delete cookies from all internet browsers,
To prevent Tinyurl RU scams, use a microphone, camera, location, etc. in internet browsers. must be allowed,
Any suspicious browser extensions and extended names that you do not recognize should be removed,
Recently installed suspicious applications must be removed,
Finally, you need to scan for the virus.

Closure: may be fraudulent because it is not possible to access the site directly; Instead, it redirects users to, which provides the latest movies for import. Fraudsters are also links to malware that was abbreviated with and sent to social media. It is therefore advisable not to click on links obtained in suspicious messages.

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