Why Turkey Is the Most Prefered Destination for Hair Transplant Must Read!

Why Turkey Is the Most Prefered Destination for Hair Transplant

Top Places for Hair Transplant: Hair transplant is the surefire way to forget about your hair and let it grow naturally. More than 1 million medical tourists travel to Turkey every year to improve their health and appearance. By 2023, the Turkish medical industry expects to receive 2 million medical patients from all over the world. Turkish specialists have extensive experience and trust in patients. They perform very complex procedures very well and hair transplantation is one of the most popular in Turkey. Interest in this method is growing as people respond positively, looking at photos of other patients and dreaming of the same result at a lower cost.

Turkey is considered one of the best destinations for hair transplants – more than 600 patients get new hair every day. But how can a patient choose a Turkish doctor with sufficient experience? Most medical travelers refer to medical portals like Bookimed. Provides free international medical assistance to international applicants. You can check the prices of Bookimed and the top rated Turkish hair transplant companies. They are licensed and duly certified for international patient care.

Get a cheaper haircut

Hair transplantation costs a lot in Turkey which is a lower price. In most clinics you can get discounts of up to 70% less than in the UK and US.

Turkey: $2,000
$9,500 there
United Kingdom: $20,000
If the quality is the same or even better, why pay more? In Turkish clinics you can easily find everything you have to offer at attractive prices. Each clinic has its own cost policy, medical accreditation and experience. Additional services can also influence the final price. It is easier to place an order with Bookimed and get detailed advice. Your medical director will offer you an option that best suits your budget.

Why do US clinics pay more? and the EU for Turkish patients?

For the answer, contact the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which conducts extensive research into the cost of medical care. The higher the index, the higher the cost of medical care in a given country due to the economy of the population, labor market, wages and cost of living. According to them, Turkey is one of the lowest rates with 41, the European Union – 91, the United States – one of the highest – 115. Turkey is the best choice for high-quality hair transplants. service at a reasonable price.

Overview of the hair transplant process

The hairdresser removes the mechanical/manual hair transplant from the patient’s donation site. It is important to know that the tablets that are the key to a successful hair transplant have the same blood supply as the sebaceous glands. In most cases, the whole process takes about 8 hours based on the accepted process. The doctor will perform the operation under local anaesthetic, so you don’t have to worry about pain or other discomfort. The expected results are visible after 4 months. The patient’s hair begins to separate and take root. The next step is to let your new hair grow naturally when the transplanted hair begins to fall out. From now on you can forget about your hairless areas. The success rate of Turkish clinics reaches 99%.

Where can I find a hair transplant in Turkey?

The most popular hair transplant centers are found in major Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya and Izmir. It goes without saying that Istanbul has received the largest influx of medical tourists. Millions of men and women trust Turkish surgeons for their beauty, because they know that such experienced specialists can perform real miracles. Istanbul is known as the cultural and medical capital that welcomes international patients. This encourages Turkish doctors to speak fluent English and communicate fluently with their patients. Please note: if Bookimed organizes trips, you will receive language support.

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