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How to Develop an AAA Video Game? {Sep2022} Know The Correct Answer Here!

How to Develop an AAA Video Game

Read the blog How to make a AAA video game? Time, budget and process.

The term “AAA games” is used in the video game industry to refer to high-stakes, high-end games that are often developed and published by large, reputable companies.

AAA video game development process:
Three levels lead to game development.


During pre-production, the concept of the game is created. You will also define the design and build code here, as well as plan the design process and games. A pre-execution phase requires project management. Starloop Studio prides itself on design, pre-production decisions and agile processes to manage the risk of the client’s project. Therefore, there is no problem and the work is good.

This usually takes up a lot of the game’s development time. Team communication is essential to the successful production process, from prototype to gold master.

For more than 12 years, Starloop Studios has more than 150 software engineers, artists and designers. They know all the trends and follow innovation to bring the best solutions to their customers.

After production:

After production, the program phase for game production begins. This game has bug fixes and new features. Game development company Starloop Studios uses different methods and tools like Agile or Jira to increase communication and transparency so they can achieve better performance.

AAA Video Game Development Program:

With different game modes that require their own talented developers, heavy maps to navigate, and huge advanced maps, AAA games expand like giant theme parks. Remember that every time you see a tree, someone has to stand up and draw it, and someone has to make an NPC show, speak and use simple words, not language, still exist behind the tree. If it takes a year to make one, it should be an extension. If not, you have a chance to see it done in less than five years. regardless of how many employees you have. You can reduce development and production time thanks to Starloop Studio’s skilled staff and specialized roles, which allow you to start new projects quickly. Your return on investment will start soon.

AAA video game development budget:

It’s not your responsibility to spend a lot of money and get a good AAA game. Remember, you need to hire a team of certified professionals to cover all the important steps in the process. One team will create art and sound, another will work on game design and storytelling, another will code and optimize the game for the target platform, and so on. A AAA game usually costs between $60 million and $80 million.

Compared to in-house development costs, Starloop Studio can save you 40% or more. You will not be charged any additional fees. You only pay for the time your employees work on your project.

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