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Have you received a letter with the latest warning to pay a traffic ticket, which is usually issued by the HDI for red lights on roads around the world? Do you also know the address of the place for paying the fines for the snail mail? Do you know if the alert is legit or fake?

Let’s take a look at the main content and analysis of the scam spam.


Residents of Doral County, Arizona are starting to receive the latest red light notices in their mailboxes. The upheaval began in March 2022. Although this scam still exists in 2018 and 2021, the current scam is related to

The fraudsters sent letters printing the original version of the traffic ticket issued by the police, including two photos of the car and the number plate, along with the terms of the offence, fees to be paid and website links. pay a fine

How to Spot a Scam in New York?

One of the victims who received the email said the ticket was valid until February 30, 2022. But there are no 30 days in February!

Actual images captured by traffic cameras will contain images of the vehicle from a distance and from a height, as the cameras are mounted on the frame. However, on fake postcards, the car photo and driver’s license are close together and at the same height, about 2-3 feet.

The victim was advised that this photo was a scam based on photos of the car and apparently he photographed the car while it was parked at someone else’s residence!

In addition, the victim rented a car after the day of the crime. The actual owner of the car and its registered address are therefore different. However, the traffic drum did not mention the name of the car owner and the address of the victim, which can be easily identified by the name and address on your current license plate!

Police are warning the public to be aware of scam emails. The police stated that before receiving the final report, the police had sent an initial penalty notice. If victims do not receive the initial notification, the final notification may be suspicious and misleading.

Finally, the official traffic violation payment page is, which is different from the link in the email!


The letter has a return address to “City of Lauderdale, Security Crossing, PO Box 7098, Tempe, AZ-85285 2091.” However, it does not have a valid address on the page – a payment violation. Therefore, and the emails and their links to are scams. also signed up on March 12, 2022 for one year, get 1% trust and use free email.

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