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Is Scam or Legit {Nov 2022} Know Correct Review!

Is Scam or Legit

Is a legit scam? We regularly check websites that sell shoes and send our tips to online shoppers

Is there an online store to find women’s shoes? Do you get a discount when searching online? Wedgeshoes offers wholesale discounts to our local customers. This store gives girls the shoes they want but they have to check its legality before signing the contract to buy the shoes. This page is not a news page. Our team checks the site for reliability. Will customers check the scam to check out this store?

Are wedges correct?

The site is a four-month online website registered in the year 2022 according to the Gregorian calendar.
Alexa Rank – Alexa Rank 4596173 for online stores, sometimes including a link to the actual website.
Domain Expiration – This domain expires in 2023 according to the 2023 Gregorian calendar.
Social Media Platform – Social media icons on the product page. However, there are no statistics on this site.
So it’s 1 crowns
The quality of the interior seems to have been taken to the extreme.
Halfway through, the client checks the absence of the regional department.’s trust for this portal is 38 percent.
The shoe site does not store any personal information.
46/100 have a serious problem.

What is the viewing location?

Wedgeshoes sell shoes for girls on their website. Customers want big discounts and big savings.

If you buy 2 items, you get a 100% discount if you buy 3 or more. I received on August 15, 1945 for four reasons. You can get 500% discount on the product in the link. Is a scam or legit? They share some of the products sold on this platform.

Ankle boots are available
orthopedic shoes
high heels

Page content:

Website address
Send an email to [email protected]
The address is Selead LTD, 121 Symptom Avenue, 2064 Strovols One, Hadjikyriakion Bldg. 1, Nicosia, 2064, Cyprus.
news now
Shipping Policy: 10-15 for the products to be delivered to us.
The repayment term is fourteen days from the date of delivery.
Pay with PayPal and credit card.
Return Email – [email protected]
Awesome from wedgeshoe review portal
Sellers get a discount with purchase.
Customers will be familiar with email and SMS services. scam? Police? Orders over $65.50 are eligible for free shipping
This site sells a variety of school supplies. This way customers can find what they are looking for.

Not good for Wedgeshoe Research Room

The degree of reliability of the unit of measurement in this market is questionable.
This site has a low Alexa rating.
This online store has no owner reviews.
This ecommerce platform has no social networks like Facebook or Instagram.
This page appears to have been hacked.
Although the actual address is on the website, we have not verified it. Review

This site has only been around for four months. We don’t know what customers think of our products. Although the platform is closed, it can be a fan. This shop has questions due to lack of knowledge. You can read this article to learn how to get your money back after PayPal fraud.

last decision:

The site was less than six months ago. Important information such as customer ratings, host profiles, and trust scores cannot be guaranteed.

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