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Hoantiendata Com- Discounts are not an unknown idea for today’s web buyers. To make customers more comfortable, Vinaphone will send a web preference for discount packages. So what is the discount page when signing up for a package? How can you take advantage of the advantageous Vinaphone 4G package with a special offer? You can find out in the article below

What is the DATA Refund Service?

Discount information management, also known as cashback offers, is considered a form of promotion for general customers. For example, if you buy an online recharge card with a 2% to 10% discount on the recharge card price, customers can now purchase network packages and get a discount on the recharge price. – power the card. a lot of information.

The unique features of this support are as follows: When customers sign up to use 4G or voice packs with Vinaphone, Viettel, Mobifone and confirm the effectiveness of the refund, they will be returned to their records. promotion. About

The presence of a 3G / 4G organization represents a significant step forward in innovation for the common practice of all-in-one customers. Interest in registering for Vinaphone 4G packages is slowly expanding and growing. Therefore, the decision to use packages is motivated by the rapid dissemination of information, as many different media regulators do for customers. Experience and cost savings should not be used.

In addition, reliability fees are part of the customer care and broadcasting of the broadcast media. The Vinaphone network administrator understands this problem and offers a lot of money to help customers. The website has been developed to provide more practical benefits of using a multifunctional facilitator.

This site provides complete information on the “largest” information packages Vinaphone, Viettel, Mobifone, such as fees, incentives and more. Register “exhaust gas“, discount “unbalanced”.

How to register a 4G Vinaphone package with a special offer? To get started, you need to go to and choose the Vinaphone tariff you want to use and view the discount details for each tariff. To use the Vinaphone 4G package, customers can directly click on the “Register” button or add text with an added sentence structure:

DATA8 Package name sent 1543

Where: DATA8 is the required structure, Package Name is the package name you need in the image and 1543 is the number of the Vinaphone PBX to obtain punctuation marks.

For example, to subscribe to the MAX100 package from Vinaphone, the SMS grammar at the connection point is very clear: DATA8 MAX100 after 1543. After sending the message, you will immediately receive 30 GB of quick information, used for 30 days. day. The discount you will receive is 10,000 VND to the main account upon successful confirmation of registration.

A few notes when registering the 4G Vinaphone package with special offers

To get the best registration experience for the 4G Vinaphone package, customers need to be aware of some of the following:

Supporters will receive a TKC discount within 48 hours of effective package registration

At the end of their service life, all packages have a self-charging component. If you no longer need it, you must effectively reduce it using the sentence structure: HUY Package name to 888.

In fact, look at the package limit, Compose: Send DATA 888.

The following are ways to use the 4G Vinaphone Special Discount Package that customers using this organization should be aware of. Don’t hesitate and visit today and get a “great” offer and real cashback. I hope we will experience a lot of interesting organizational meetings!

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Hoantiendata Com

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