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End Of The Magic Era

Data of Conclusion of the Enchanted Age

Elective: Throne of the Apocalypse , 末法王座
Language:  Chinese
Author(s):  Zhuang Bifan 庄毕凡
Year:   2013
Status in COO: 1469 Parts (Finished)

Genre(s): Activity, Experience, Show, Xuanhuan

Rundown of Conclusion of the Enchanted Age

The world that brought forth the pinnacle of wizardry human advancement is going to be annihilated.

The last survivor returned endless years before, that time was the introduction of the enchanted development, incalculable mages were mishandling their ways on that prickly way.

He, who came from the conclusion of the age, was stepping toward the Preeminent Privileged position

The world that sustained the human progress which arrived at the apex of wizardry was nearly obliteration.

The last survivor immigrated to the past, when the enchanted progress began developing, as endless mages were all the while bobbling their courses through the prickly ways of sorcery information.

He, who came from the conclusion of the enchanted age, plan to arrive at the apex of wizardry.

Conclusion of the Enchanted Age Wiki

Mafa Merlin

Lived on earth during his most memorable life. He was resurrected in Noscent toward the conclusion of the age, later was killed by the Netherstorm which obliterate Noscent and get once again to Noscent 30.000 Quite a while back into the body of a young fellow name Mafa Merlin.

Soul Walker (Genuine Soul Wizardry Apparatus) : section 118 master of soul method.

Destruction Staff (Presently Dragonic Staff) (most grounded Genuine Soul Wizardry Apparatus) : section 122

Book of Death (Remarkable Sorcery Device) : Section 150

Book of 10,000 Mantras (Remarkable Sorcery Device) : Section 635

10,000 Spell Wheel (Genuine Soul Sorcery Instrument made by Lin Yun) 336

Development Positions

Mage Rank Fighter Rank/Bowman Rank Chemist Rank Sub Positions Depiction

1 Enchantment Student Disciple Understudy Chemist 1-9 One requirements to shape a whirpool of mana.

2 Mage Fighter/Toxophilite Chemist 1-9

3 Extraordinary Mage Incredible Fighter/Incredible Toxophilite? Extraordinary Chemist 1-9 One necessities to consolidate a Rune for each Sub Rank and by and large 9 Runes in Incredible Mage Rank.
4 High Mage Master Fighter/Soul Bowman Expert Chemist 1-9 One necessities to consolidate 9 Runes into a solitary substance to arrive at High Mage.

5 Curve Mage Sword Holy person/Ghost Bowman Chemist Craftsman 1-9 To arrive at the Curve Mage domain, one needed to blend their Reflection Regulation Set with their Enchanted Directing Rune. Curve Mages were forces to be reckoned with that had come into contact with Regulations.

6 Paradise Mage Paradise Sword Holy person/Paradise Toxophilite Holy person Holy person Chemist 1-9 Otherwise called Unprecedented Domain having Uncommon Power, also called Politically influential nation.

At this level, one can shape his own Demiplane.

7 Heavenly Fire/flash Mage. Comparable to Antiquated Divine beings. One will make a space were the Regulations are under their order

Weapon Rank

1 Wizardry Understudy

2 Wizardry Apparatus Mage

3 Legacy Wizardry Apparatus Incredible Mage

4 Profound Enchantment Instrument High Mage

5 Genuine Soul Wizardry Apparatus Curve Mage

6 Paradise/Unprecedented Enchantment Instrument Paradise Mageapon Rank

Conclusion of the Enchanted Age Audits

THIS IS A Genuine Audit WITH Subtleties AND Outline. Understand IT.

TO GET TO THE Survey, Avoid THIS Section. In the first place, I might want to say that this novel merits a higher rating than it as of now has. Why? Since a few group have left one-star surveys, guaranteeing that the other novel in the “What’s Straightaway” segment had more surveys. This isn’t accurate! Likewise, the first novel isn’t DROPPED. These reports have been proliferated by one single client who has additionally been leaving disdain remarks and misuse. Presently, onto business.

Hello, Shiraishi here with another dream novel.

I’m happy the novel is at last out, I’ve been dealing with it each since Night Officer was finished, (regardless of whether I’ve been going slowly, required a break subsequent to finishing a book). Regardless, same as in the past, on the off chance that you have any inquiry, don’t hold back.

This is a finished novel of around 1400 parts.

Additionally, for all the NR fans, sorry for the postponement, EME ought to have been delivered before new year, however a few matters deferred it.

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