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Legend Of Futian

Data of The Legend of Futian

Creator: Jing Wuhen
Interpreter:  Nyoi-Bo Studio
Manager:  Nyoi-Bo Studio
Related Names:  伏天氏

Rundown of The Legend of Futian

In when the Heavenly Prefectures of the East Ocean were in extraordinary confusion, Sovereign Ye Qing and Donghuang the Incomparable seemed to make all the difference. Subject to their authority, the prefectures joined together and all countries as well as their lords have been controlled. In any case, the legend of these two extraordinary legends becomes modified when Ruler Ye Qing’s name is cleared off of the set of experiences books after his unexpected demise. All sculptures and pictures of him were obliterated and his name an untouchable. Just the legend of Donghuang the Incomparable will live on.

After fifteen years, a young fellow by the name of Ye Futian starts his process in look for his actual personality. The legend of Futian would have been one for the set of experiences books.

Characters of The Legend of FutianYe Futian


He had a very attractive face with sharp elements, with eyes as clear and profound as the night sky. Early in life of fifteen, his main weakness was his slim edge. In a couple of years, he would develop to turn into an alluring man. His hair variety abandons dark to silver after the passing of Hua Jieyu.


Glad, Certain and Humble.

Under his fun loving disposition was a good nature. In the wake of getting three years worth of abuses, any typical individual would have been angry, however he stayed lively and brilliant, similar to the sun. Besides, he was able to face the foundation only for Yu Sheng’s position, it is not difficult to discover that he is a very faithful individual. All the more significantly, he seems to be a playboy, however he is genuinely committed to cherish.


His experience is strange. For his entire life he lived in Qingzhou City however after the monster swarm, his family vanished suddenly, even his guardian who prepared him. Later on, we see an elderly person, unbeknown to Ye Futian, saves him from followers in Donghai City. He referred to him as “Youthful Expert”. A portion of the characters in the novel have hypothesized that he may be a relative of Ruler Ye Qing. In any case, other than that, little is known about Ye Futian’s real foundation.

Hua Jieyu

To safeguard Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu penances her life.[1] Hua Jieyu’s heavenly soul has not dispersed at this point. It is affirmed that it is feasible to revive her.[2]


Hua Jieyu’s facial highlights are wonderful to such an extent that she would be viewed as a “Helen of Troy” when she became older.

She’s alive yet she’s confined by the Woman of Brahma’s Unadulterated Sky , she won’t let her out. She appeared to Futian two times as shadows[3] yet just to show that she was alive and guide him to Brahma’s Unadulterated Sky , which is where the Woman of Brahma’s Unadulterated Sky resides (they would rather not enlighten Futian concerning Hua Jieyu).
The Woman of Brahma’s Unadulterated Sky reproduced Hua Jieyu’s body around her excess soul as a vessel for the Woman of Brahma’s Unadulterated Sky to additional her development and find the last way to outperform Renhuang yet Hua Jieyu’s spirit is battling her by not failing to remember her life enjoyed with Ye Futian. Jieyu and the Woman of Brahma’s Unadulterated Sky made a bet, on the off chance that Jieyu wins the Woman will turn into her and assuming the Woman wins, she will take over Jieyu[4].


1 Arousing Plane

1 – 9 Planes

2 Greatness Plane 1 – 9 Star

3 Dharma Plane 1 – 9 Level

4 Arcana Plane 1 – 9 Level

5 Respectable Plane 9 – 1 Grade
6 Sage Plane Sage

7 Holy person Plane Demonstrating your blessedness

Genuine Self Plane

Faultless Sacredness

Amazing Plane/Sacred Nirvana

8 Renhuang Plane Lower first third level Heavenly Wheel When first Heavenly Wheel is projected, the cutoff is ‘great’. A Heavenly Wheel is reworked at Center and Upper limit. This reworked Divine Wheel is, best case scenario, at a similar degree of past Heavenly Wheel however as a rule is more regrettable. This implies a full wonderful Heavenly Wheel is extremely intriguing.

Center fourth sixth level Heavenly Wheel

Upper seventh ninth level Heavenly Wheel

9 Unrivaled Sovereign

10 Extraordinary Sovereign

Remarks of The Legend of Futian

In the event that you preferred “Fight through the Sky” and comparable exemplary books where there is a devotee in a development school who “used to” be an ability, some way or another went wrong, and is currently peered downward on (however the school goddess/super excellence is still in some way keen on him), then you ought to understand this. It follows the standard sayings of MC getting misjudged, MC preparing without help from anyone else to get enhancers, young ladies claimimg MC is bold, and others deriding MC as a frog after swan meat. In the case of anything is unique, the development framework and the callings are more unique contrasted with conventional development books (it’s more like an enchanted framework). As thestatsguy referenced, not such a large number of sections out since it’s a more current continuous novel, so it is not yet clear on the off chance that it winds up great (or becomes something like Marial Pinnacle and Superior Military God).
New novel from the writer of Antiquated Authentic Ruler (AGM), that is now deciphered here. Rating appears to be 9,4 on QI so i’m anticipating read his new book.
Legend of Futian… . Lengend Of Liantian ideally this will be just about as great as AGM tbh was the first webnovel I read which I believed is better then looping mythical serpent. Perhaps on the off chance that they add somewhat more parody it’ll be like LOHP

Most recent Parts of The Legend of Futian

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1907. Part 1904 Devil Slayer

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1905. Part 1902 Passing Island

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1903. Section 1900 Xiao Mu

1902. Section 1899 Heavenly Land on the Island

1901. Section 1898 Stowed away yet Not Uncovered

1900. Section 1897 Blossoms And Trees Moving

1899. Section 1896 Blooming Tree

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